Handmade woven handbags

Handmade handbags woven with toquilla straw are an iconic product of Ecuador. Toquilla straw, also known as “cardoluvica palmata”, is a natural fiber obtained from the wild plant that grows in the humid forests of the Ecuadorian coast.

However, the artisans of Montecristi decide to improve their weaving skills and make not only hats, but also make various crafts using this technique plus innovation. Handmade woven handbags and bags are essential accessories to wear a feminine outfit. Not only because of its usefulness for carrying and carrying a wallet, cosmetics, keys and other personal items, but also because, well combined, they are the ideal complement to a good outfit for the perfect occasion, whether it is going to the beach, dressing casually for meetings, events or go to a party.

If you are interested in purchasing a toquilla straw woven bag, I would recommend looking for online stores specializing in Ecuadorian crafts or on e-commerce platforms such as www.ecuadorstores.com

Important fact: The handmade weaving of toquilla straw is considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO

Styles of handmade handbags in trend.

Toquilla straw tote bag: this is an original style that is very fashionable this year, it is characterized by being large bags with ample space to organize all your accessories, on certain occasions they can have normal handles to look elegant or with a strap to long combination for something more casual.

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Toquilla straw crossbody: another very popular style for being the preferred youth style, this is characterized by small bags that are complemented with a single long handle in bright colors, which complement your outfit to look fresh and radiant.

Toquilla straw bowling: it is characterized by being very similar to the doctor’s bag, it is in the shape of a trunk with a closure and short handles, very ideal for people who work daily and need to carry their supplies.

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