Handmade shoes from Ecuador

Ecuadorian leathers

Quality footwear woven by artisans

Handmade shoes from Ecuador

Montecristi gave rise to these beautiful footwear made by Ecuadorian artisan hands, which they shape and accommodate to any size with different models that are hand-woven with toquilla straw or mocora straw, and they make different handmade shoes, such as espadrilles. , sneakers, heels among others.

The beautiful details that the artisans put on it make the footwear different, because they braid the toquilla straw or mocora manually, so that later it is ready to be worn.

straw shawl women's sandals

Types of footwear


These espadrilles are very comfortable and stand out for enhancing the Ecuadorian artisan tradition, you can use espadrilles in any errand you are going to do or your routines when going out.

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Heels are the ideal type of footwear preferred by women, because they accommodate each type of occasion, the design of each heel is carefully made, dare to use them in each event that comes your way.

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Tall platform of natural colored toquilla straw
normal handmade toquilla straw shoes for women
handmade straw shoes made by hand


Handmade slippers

They are ideal for a fresh, warm look, more if they are super spontaneous outings like going to the beach, going out with friends, they stand out to be simple and comfortable.

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