Payment methods EcuadorStores

EcuadorStores is an online platform that works with more than 120 families of direct artisans in Ecuador, showing the capabilities of making wholesale crafts. Below we will show you the payment methods to buy crafts in Ecuador from abroad or nationally.

National Payment Methods

You can make payment with bank transfers to Pichincha or ProduBanco, you can also request a payment link with a credit or debit card with an additional tax of 3.5% to the total invoice.

International Payment Methods

It is very important that you know that all products are sent in boxes, for greater profitability it is better that you order the suggested quantity or more. (Description on each product).

Once the entire order has been added to the cart, you can make direct and secure payment with a credit/debit card or PayPal.

For sample payments we send you a payment link with a small Tax of 3.5% of the total order.

We also accept other direct payment methods where you can receive certain benefits, in the following list you can find out: