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Toquilla straw crafts hat
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The most diverse handicraft virtual store in Ecuador, integrated by the second family generation, was born in the canton Montecristi cradle of the old fighter General Eloy Alfaro Delgado, where most of the artisans are concentrated at the level of Manabí, which are dedicated to the development and marketing of fine straw hats toquilla declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2012.

The approach of this project is based on the slogan “fair trade, development and innovation of handicrafts”. At present, the handicraft sector is considered one of the main sources of income for families in the rural sector, for this reason it seeks to promote and highlight their ancestral knowledge expressed in various products that are in high demand in the international market.

Manabí, considered one of the most favorable provinces of Ecuador with a warm subtropical climate, offers us the production of some plants that serve as raw material for the elaboration of a product such as the toquilla straw, mocora and tagua.

All these indications mentioned above lead us to the need to create a new culture in which the fair value of handicraft products is promoted through broadcasting channels so that people can observe and learn about each of the processes that an artisan performs when creating a product, motivating them to continue producing and rewarding their creativity through social programs that will be shown to people in our networks.

Our goal is that people do not end with this culture and feel that they are a fundamental part of the economic growth of a country is why the online store has a wide range of artisan suppliers specializing in various branches that expose their products internationally, making the store a wholesale distributor where you can find innovative products at an affordable price, letting people know that behind every purchase you help the growth and economic development of the artisan population.

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classic straw fedora hat mocora
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