How to Buy in Ecuador Stores

To make your purchase in the ecuador store the first thing you need to do is enter the store section,, choose the product you want with the features that most  lappreciate it and put it to the shopping cart,,  once while there,, you will proceed to fill  in the shipping data and the respective    payment.

In our store you can select from a product up to large quantities, the discounts will be reflected aside if you are in a pc in the case of cell phone at the bottom.

Here is a list of how to buy in ecuadorstores:


Welcome to our online shop of handmade products,, in which you will find several categories,,  according to the vegetable  fiber  you want, can be toquilla straw,  Mocora, Tagua, and  Tejidos, within each you will have a wide range of products with different characteristics,, the customer has the option to choose according to his preference, in addition  to providing you new unique and exclusive products.    

Remember that behind each product there is a history of a craftsman and his imagination to create works of  art, let us learn to value the work of others.

How to buy in Ecuador Stores
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My Account

If you have a craft shop in another country let me tell you that this is one of the most recommended options for you, when you create your frequent customer account you will enter to be part of a specialdatabase, where you will have many advantages such as a preferential  price list  “Frequent customer”,,  in addition you will have direct exclusive advice with us to be able to attract customers within your market,,  considering that by establishing business relationships with us by being wholesale distributors we are ready to solve all your questions,, do not hesitate to leave your data and be part of this initiative that will help position Ecuadorian products in the foreign market.

My wishlist

On our website you can find a number of handmade products in Ecuador, to be able to choose a variety and then select which one is of your preference, we invite you to add to the wish list, this will allow you to return to our virtual store knowing what was your choice and being able to decide for some special products , anyway do not forget to ask for some special features you want in that product.

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How to buy in Ecuador estores

Shopping cart

Our shopping cart has a good programming system where you will find all the products that you have selected to make your purchase detailing the amount of secure payment in product and shipping cost.

We suggest that before completing the purchase you carefully check the products that you have in your cart so that there are no inconveniences in the purchase.


Once your purchase is complete we will be constantly communicating with you to agree on details about the shipment or if there is any product you wish to exchange for another one, we also track your shipment until you receive it and tell us if it is already at the agreed address to guarantee our responsibility and service.

end purchase

If you have any questions you can contact us for a more personalized advice.