toquilla straw picoaza hats

We are a virtual store and our physical office is located in Montecristi calle 9 de julio between Olmedo and Manta, in front of the Jep ATM, in the upper MontEcuadorHats, from there we make shipments to any part of the world, as well as quotes, logistics , innovation among others

We are focused on supporting and encouraging artisans who provide us with a large part of knowledge because they are the protagonists who are in charge of making hats and crafts, since they show us the prevalence of Ecuadorian culture from the beginning by our descendants, by the techniques and the procedure that is carried out to make a good quality product, of high prestige and value in the national and international markets.

Below, our exact location and contact numbers, for any request or suggestion.

Cell: +593990055128

Email: info@ecuadorstores.com