Ecuadorian Craftsmen Association

We are a consortium of master craftsmen who, due to the pandemic, are looking for better opportunities to sell their products, more than 70 families between the Coast and the Sierra of Ecuador, we are wholesale distributors in the categories: Toquilla StrawMocora StrawTaguaAlpaca Wool and Mimbre.

Toquilla Straw

Internationally famous for being the fiber used to make the Panama Hat, this raw material are made handbagsindividualfansearringssandalshats key chains and many more wholesale products, which you can find in this category.


Alpaca Wool

Texture of warmth and lightness, it has thermal properties that are not found in other types of textiles, we are manufacturers of ponchosBlanketssnoodscarvesshawlhatsgloves, hammocks and everything related to the Alpaca in Ecuador, winter product, we ship worldwide by FedEx.



Handicrafts from the Ecuadorian coast, known as vegetable ivory fiber, extracted from the fruit of a palm tree called Mococha, used to give rise to a wide range of accessories such as necklacesbraceletsearrings keychains, and rings, we ship worldwide in bulk.


Straw Mocora

Product made on the Ecuadorian coast, it is a natural beige fiber, they are long strips that give rise to hats in various styles and sizes.


Fiber Wicker

It is a resistant, strong and soft fiber to make various types of crafts and home decoration, Product made in Montecristi – Ecuador, we are direct manufacturers of furniture, chairs, armchairs, baskets, handbags, pendants, placemats, lamps, rocking chairs, tablespoons, picnic basket, baskets among others.