Pillow Cushion Alpaca Handmade


Pillow Cushion Alpaca Handmade, wholesale, we manufacture in 3 sizes, Andean geometric designs in honor of the “Andean Cross”, the models always change, they are not always the same, handmade product from Ecuador, with a minimum quantity, with similar design and colors, the minimum quantity 36 units , you can quote with specific measurements, for national or international shipments the cushion is sent without anything inside so that it does not take up space in the boxes.

We quote shipping costs with FedEx to any part of the world at home, the costs are according to the volume, we have a priority artisan account.

Composition: 40% Alpaca – 40% Sheep Wool – 20% Acrylic Sizes: Small – Medium – Large.

A variety box of all products can be ordered according to stock to verify their quality.

Within Ecuador it can be ordered by unit according to stock, the final retail price is not the same.

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