Panama Hat Short Brim Wholesale


Panama Hat Short Brim Wholesale, Traditional style made with fine natural strands of toquilla, ideal for protecting yourself from the sun in summer and spring, this type of hat is characterized by having a short brim and being a sporty style, famous for its Ecuadorian craftsmanship, iconic in the Montecristi region, where high-quality toquilla straw hats, mistakenly known as “Panama Hats,” are woven.

Designs: They are sent in natural and white colors according to stock with immediate delivery, you can also order only white and natural, the outer band colors, we can coordinate internally according to stock.

Size: Best sellers for women S and M, for men L and XL.

Customized: General Logos – Private Brand.


Ecuador: Minimum quantity 6 units per product, sent by servientrega according to stock, shipping time 5 business days.

International Shipping:  It is very important that you review the following table of quantities that you can order per box, (You can order more if you wish, automatic shipping calculation) more profitable shipping cost when you order more quantity per product, air transport with FedEx, we have priority artisan account , order time 8 business days.


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