Felt hat for winter wholesale


Felt hat for winter wholesale, Made in Ecuador by artisans with the best wool, we are direct manufacturers and we can make them in various styles such as the gambler, classic, fedora, cordobes, all are part of an elegant line, and can also be used for ladies and gentlemen.

It is very important that you know that wool has thermal properties that allow you to maintain the heat on your head, protecting it from the cold, which is why it is perfect for cold weather.

Composition: 100% wool

Note: it is very important that you know how to choose the ideal size for women, the most common sizes are S, M and for hair the size is L and XL

Ecuador: Minimum quantity 6 units per product, sent by servientrega according to stock, shipping time 5 business days.

International Shipping: It is very important that you review the following table of quantities that you can order per box, (You can order more if you wish, automatic shipping calculation) air transport with FedEx, we have a priority artisan account, order time 8 business days.


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