Winter Hat Making Process – Ecuador

are one of the most used garments for centuries, their use represents wealth,
social class and elegance, from here several types of hats are born based on
various raw materials, in this case we will talk about winter hats whose main
function is cover the head from cold and heat in an elegant and exclusive way,
for this reason we will show you its elaboration process below

1. Collection of Raw Material: in this part we proceed to collect the animal fiber that can be alpaca, sheep or rabbit wool, emphasizing that they are animals that produce large amounts of hair where only the excess is used but not in its entirety.

Process of the raw material: after the raw material is obtained, it is
introduced into a machine where it is transformed into large extensions of wool

3. Elaboration of a hat body: once
the sheets of wool are obtained, they are cut and shaped into the hat by hand,
leaving a hat with a bell.

4. Hat
pressing: this consists of styling the hat by placing it inside a hydraulic
press to give it the shape according to the client’s taste

5. Finishing of the hat: it
includes the last phase where the internal morocco and the external band are
placed, in addition to the bands

Benefits of a hat wearing a wool hat

Surely you will wonder what is the benefit of wearing a winter hat, I detail them below:

• Protection: as we know, the wool hat has thermal properties that allow you to keep your head covered from the cold.

• Style: the style in a winter hat refers to personality, for example if a woman has a round face it is recommended that she use a gambler style, in the case of a man if he has an oval face he should use a classic style, therefore it is very important to decide on a good style according to your face shape

• Elegance: as we know, the hat itself is considered an elegant accessory that is not only used with casual clothes, but also with formal attire for important events.

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