Reasons to buy alpaca products.

The cold season is approaching in many countries, where maintaining a stable body temperature outside the home becomes a real problem that results in joint and muscle difficulties, surely you will wonder how you can prevent these inconveniences?

The joints and bones are the most affected, this is because the cold and humidity cause the muscles to contract and cramp, having more contractures and ailments, so you will need additional help to maintain a normal temperature.

Alpaca products provide protection and comfort, becoming the ideal garment to be inside and outside the home, that is, you can use it on several occasions.

How to choose the ideal alpaca garment

Alpaca is an animal fiber that has thermal properties which is transformed and various products are derived such as scarves, collars, shawls, ponchos, gloves, hats, caps, sheets, table runners, traveling sheets, sweaters.

In other words, you have some options to combine these products with your wardrobe and protect yourself from the cold, in addition to being made with very exclusive artisan techniques.

How to wash and care for alpaca products.

For manual washing.

Use products for delicate clothes

Do not wash with cold or very hot water

Do not use chemicals with chlorine

Let them dry at room temperature

Make gentle movements when rubbing, the alpaca is very fragile

For machine washing.

Program the machine for a minimum period

Use liquid detergent

Spin clothes in a minimum time

Do not join garments of various colors when washing.

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