How to care for your alpaca garments

If you chose to help the artisans and bought an alpaca garment, either because it caught your attention or because the cold season is coming, but you are afraid that it will be damaged, here I will give you some tips that you must follow to keep it for good. more time.

First you should not be afraid because these garments are usually of high quality and therefore last a long time.

To do?

 Wash these garments by hand

 Use cold water

 Use mild soap

 Soak it for 3 to 4 minutes

 At the time of laying it out to remove excess water, you can lay a towel on a flat surface and then place the garment on the towel and roll it loosely. This is done so that the towel absorbs the water.

 Always dry it in the shade, this is so that the original color is not lost.

What not to do?

 Do not use a washing machine (If you use it, you must take into account that it is a wash for wool and do not use the spin function)

 Do not use dryer

Do not use chlorine

 Never use hot water, so that the fabric is not mistreated or the garment shrinks.

 When washing it should not be twisted

 Do not iron it

Information: Make sure that the garment is completely dry when storing it, it would also be good to store the garment in a plastic bag, and if you store it in a wooden wardrobe, make sure that it does not have moths, as this can affect the garment

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