Handicrafts made in Ecuador of great value

The outstanding typical Ecuadorian handicrafts have their origin in Ecuador in the province of Imbabura and Manabi where artisans with experience in this beautiful art are, admired and recognized by the national and international market.
The crafts are worked with different raw materials depending on the product, among them they are made; tagua (vegetable ivory), toquilla straw, mocora straw, alpaca wool among other materials that are used to make these beautiful crafts, in Ecuadorstores there is a high range of varieties of craft products.

Ecuadorian handicrafts are widely acquired abroad due to their great value that is characterized by a completely handmade process, carried out by Ecuadorian artisans with a lot of experience throughout their career, they elaborate each product step by step with a good quality finish. Ecuador is a country rich in culture and art, a country that provides us with first class raw materials that are used to make typical Ecuadorian handicrafts, to which the artisans give a specific enhancement to each finished product.

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Crafts made of toquilla straw

Toquilla straw hat

The most prominent product in this category is the toquilla straw hat, it is of Manabi origin, it is also one of the most acquired abroad known also as Panama hat, the laborious process that leads to the final product makes it one of the most valued in the market.

Toquilla straw bag
A very elegant and cool accessory to wear with your clothes during the summer. This product is in great demand for exports because it is made by hand with the same fabric as the hats.

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