Ecuadorian export quality crafts

Handmade accessories of toquilla straw

Ecuador is a country rich in culture and traditions, and its handicrafts are one of the most outstanding expressions of this wealth. There is a great variety of Ecuadorian handicrafts that are exported all over the world, such as the following:

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Toquilla straw hats: They are the country’s main export product, made by hand by master artisans with select strands of toquilla straw, turning it into a handmade clothing accessory. It is very important to know that there are two qualities of this product and the most Premium only. It is found in Montecristi.

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Tagua jewelry: It is a popular form of ecological and sustainable jewelry, which is why it is also known as ivory fiber whose seed is hard and resistant, as well as being a sustainable alternative to animal ivory, since it can be worked in a similar way to of ivory, but without harming animals, among lovers of sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion, since it is an ethical and respectful option with nature, a natural ivory fiber accessory will never go out of style, considered a product export artisan for its wide range of jewelry made from tagua in various styles, which captivates the attention of foreigners.

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Alpaca sheets: They are a luxurious bedding option, whose raw material is alpaca, a soft and quality natural fiber obtained from the fur of the alpaca, an animal native to South America. This fiber generates benefits such as regulating body temperature, in addition to They have a high value compared to conventional sheets for being ideal for cold climates, they are also more breathable than silk sheets, which makes them comfortable to sleep in all year round.

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Toquilla straw handbags: they are a type of handmade bag made with natural fiber of toquilla straw applying a weaving technique that goes back for years, these are considered an export product because they are light and durable, with a unique handmade design that makes it a popular choice for those looking for a stylish and sustainable bag on hot days.

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