Caring for a winter wool hat

Having a hat not only implies buying one, but also giving it the respective maintenance to be able to keep it for much longer.

winter hat care guide:

The use and posture of the felt hat is very important, you must take into account that the style of the crown always goes to the front for classic and fedora hats, while for flat and gambler hats you must check that the size label goes on the back. back and the rest to the front

The wrong way to put on a winter hat is to take it by the top because over time it loses its shape, so the correct thing is to take it by the wings and let it fit on your head.

Cleaning a winter hat if your hat gets wet you should put it to dry under the sun or in a cool place, do not store it wet because it takes on a bad smell, clean it constantly with a soft bristle brush around the hat to remove dust

Placement of cloth hats wholesale, if the person has several hats, the correct thing is to place them from the smallest size to the largest so that their shape is not mistreated

To shape the hat after a while of use, it can be done at home with a piece of cloth or towel and an electric iron, placing the fabric on the brim of the hat and with the heat of the iron, carry out the process around

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