Andean Woven Tablecloth Wholesale


Andean Woven Tablecloth Wholesale, Handmade by Ecuadorian artisans, fish designs, available in various strong colors and pastels, at the end it has fringes, the width is fixed 62.99 Inches, the length is variable according to the meters needed, you can order a minimum of 12 in various sizes.

Designs: Round and Square Sizes: Small (Inches) Medium (Inches) Large (Inches) – Measurements in Length.

We quote shipping costs with FedEx to any part of the world at home, the costs are according to the volume, we have a priority artisan account.

A variety box of all products can be ordered according to stock to verify their quality.

Within Ecuador it can be ordered by unit according to stock, the final retail price is not the same.

Wholesale ContactUnit Contact  – Payment methods

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