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Alpaca shawl Wholesale, Discover the sophistication and warmth of our wholesale alpaca shawls. Made from fine alpaca fibers, these shawls are soft, elegant and perfect for any occasion. Available in a variety of colors and styles, they are ideal for both personal use and your online store. Add a touch of luxury to your collection with our alpaca shawls!

Designs: Varied colors and designs are sent according to stock with immediate delivery, you can select in strong colors, pastels or both, design according to the catalog minimum quantity 24 units per color, these may vary a little according to each production, you can quote if you need weight gain in this product or some other custom measurement.

Dimensions: 70.86 in * 26.77 in Composition: 40% Alpaca – 40% Sheep Wool – 20% Acrylic.

Ecuador: Minimum quantity 10 units per product, sent by servientrega according to stock, shipping time 5 business days.

International Shipping: It is very important that you review the following table of quantities that you can order per box, (You can order more if you wish, automatic shipping calculation) more profitable shipping cost when you order more quantity per product, air transport with FedEx, we have an account artisan priority, order time 8 business days.


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