5 Curiosities You Didn’t Know About The Alpaca

The alpaca is an animal that is most frequently found in South America, it measures almost one meter, it can be brown, white or black. Its fur is a fiber highly appreciated by artisans to make various garments or accessories. Next, we will show you 5 things you did not know about alpaca wool.

Ecological: Alpaca wool differs from the others because it is 100% organic and natural, which generates a great advantage for it to be one of the most valued, since its use contributes to responsible and sustainable consumption. The reason is because alpacas are raised on land free of pesticides and no hormones are included when feeding them, meaning that breeders are respectful of the environment.

Expensive: Surely many times you have wondered why the alpaca is so expensive? One of the reasons is that they are scarce, since they only give birth to one calf for each female, and the price varies depending on the breed and their age. Likewise, alpaca wool is expensive because it is a high-quality fiber, also taking into account that alpacas can only be sheared once a year (wool cutting).

Thermal properties: One of the characteristics that stands out the most about alpaca wool is that the clothes made with this material can keep you warm or warm if the weather is cold, the surprising thing is that, if the weather is hot, it can keep you cool and not overheat you. Helps maintain your body temperature. This is because alpacas withstand extreme temperatures, therefore, their fur is resistant to climate changes.


Raw material of many products: But what is alpaca wool used for? If you are one of the people who chooses to buy the handmade and ecological, thus helping the environment, there is a variety of garments that you can buy made with this material such as: sweaters, bedspreads, rugs, bags, hats, gloves, wristbands, among others. These products stand out for being silky and shiny, even after washing them.

Where do I find alpacas: They are most often found in Andean countries such as Peru and Ecuador. Where in Ecuador can I find alpacas? Generally in the Sierra, where there is a cold climate such as in the provinces of Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. They are animals raised by peasants and feed on the grass of some plants.

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